Bloomberg is Trump but less trustworthy

Mike Bloomberg has taken to buying the 2020 primary like Trump did in 2016.

So whats wrong with a democratic billionaire buying an election? At least it isn’t Trump right?

Bloomberg would be a more dangerous president than Donald Trump because he lies about who he is. There is nothing more dangerous than a racist that doesn’t admit to being racist. Sure, Trump may deny it but his followers aren’t buying it and neither should anybody else.

So why do people believe Bloomberg is Racist in the first place?

Bloomberg instated a policy of “stop and frisk” which targeted exclusively black residents in poor neighborhoods. Bloomberg himself, in leaked audio, described this process as throwing them against the wall and searching them. At his peak Bloomberg was “throwing them up against the wall” at a rate of nearly 3,000 per day.

Surely this was practical though, Right?

No, not at all. Official numbers reflect that less than one in ten thousand stop and frisks resulted in a gun being found. for math lovers that s 0.01% effective or 99.99% ineffective.

This was a long time ago right?

Unfortunately not, Bloomberg didn’t offer any sign of regret until a few months ago and was publicly supporting stop and frisk up until last year.

At least it found some guns and got them off the streets, right?

The city of NYPD has never provided evidence to that effect. Only the number of guns found has been disclosed. It may be contrary to popular belief but black citizens also possess the right to bare arms.

So it isn’t illegal for black people between the ages of 24-35 to own guns?

Obviously not, Its a pretty stupid thing to assume honestly. This practice was a warrantless search for a means to commit a crime. Then thought police were called in to determine if a future crime would be committed. If this type of stop and frisk were warranted why is it not warranted in white neighborhoods?

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