CNN: “Bernie Sanders is in a very weird position” Its called first place..

Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large believe Sanders is in a “very weird position” according to his recent piece. Bernie Sanders isn’t in a weird place though. He is in first place. Even if you want to haggle over Iowa the fact remains that in a field packed with popular candidates the more they differentiate themselves with Sanders the more votes they lose.

Sanders has gained popularity with minority communities and is currently out polling Biden 28% to 20%. Biden’s Stronghold “Alabama and south Carolina” look as though they will vote Sanders over Biden according to current projections from 538.

Sander’s nearest competitor in the delegate count, Pete Buttigieg is polling at zero percent among minorities when you factor in the margin of error for most polls.

Like it or not, the establishment main stream media’s (MSM) only chance to beat Sanders is Joe Biden. But now with Bloomberg in the race the odds are nearly zero that anybody even comes close to Sander’s delegate count. In fact current projections show that even if Biden and Bloomberg joined forces and combined delegates in a contested convention they would still not have more votes than Sanders. It will be extremely hard to convince the democratic voters and especially Bernie Bros that Joe Biden + Mike Bloomberg +200 unelected super-delegates = a win over Berni Sanders. Additionally if the DNC tried this stunt Sanders need only partner with any candidate such as Amy Klobachar to easily exceed the popular delegate count.

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