Cyrus Vance Jr, helped Weinstein rape women

Cyrus Vance is the District Attorney of New York, Cyrus Vance Jr helped Weinstein rape women by refusing to prosecute him. He is responsible for Harvey Weinstein’s rape escapade. Cyrus Vance had audio recordings obtained by the NYPD in which Harvey admits to raping a victim. Harvey tries to buy the victim’s silence but she stood strong. Then the victim Ambra Gutierrez was interrogated and Vance’s team decided that depite having a confession that no charges would be brought against him. No further investigating was done.

Harvey Weinstein is less despicable than Cyrus Vance. Harvey Weinstein is only a depraved ego-maniacal rapist. Cyrus Vance took an oath to defend victims, he broke that oath. Then he used his power to enable and protect rapists like Harvey Weinstein.

For Women It’s never enough evidence

Cyrus Vance has the final say on rather or not prosecutions occur in NY and he did everything in his power to protect Harvey Weinstein and discredit the victims. He should immediately be arrested, barred from the NY bar association, and convicted of conspiracy to commit rape and sexual trafficking. Cyrus Vance Jr helped Weinstein rape. He used an office charged with protecting victims to hide rape.

Cyrus’s laughable defense

Cyrus claims that the confession wasn’t clear enough. In Cyrus’s mind a confession isn’t a confession. Cyrus wanted a recording of Weinstein saying “I raped you.”

Cyrus Vance did everything in his power to protect Harvey Weinstein. His conspiratorial protection of Harvey has led to countless rapes his office refused to prosecute. Cyrus Vance Jr helped Weinstein get away with rape.

How many women is enough?

Weinstein has raped over 100 women. You may notice I did not say allegedly raped. I’m comfortable calling Weinstein a rapist because over 100 women have already done so. In life you have to make a choice about truth. It is extremely unlikely that 100 unrelated women are lying. I guess Cyrus needs more than hundreds of eye witnesses and police recorded confessions to take action.

Billionaire rapists like to stick together. View this piece in Which Bloomberg is defending Trump from a DNA request in a rape case.

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