ABC suspends journalist for political preference of Bernie Sanders

Veteran ABC News correspondent David Wright was suspended Wednesday after he was captured saying that he was a socialist.

ABC is a bunch of political hacks. The video that was taken secretly and heavily edited shows an off duty ABC employee giving his political views. Being a socialist is not illegal and it does not make you any more impartial than anybody else.

This is why Socialist Star exists. It has become a crime in America to have a voice different than what the establishment wants you to have. They don’t like that people are finally calling them out on their racism sexism and homophobia.

George Stephanopolus served in the Clinton administration. So why is it that a democrat is allowed to express political views and not a democratic socialist?

The democratic establishment is de-facto trying to make it illegal for commentators to support medicare and social security. That is what democratic socialism is. This is just another pathetic example of how the media is undemocratic, unpatriotic, and blatantly doesn’t give a shit about the constitution.

Wright also refereed to Trump as “this fucking president.” I say that is approximately the amount of respect the man-child trump deserves. He has put the USA at risk and has repeatedly sexually assaulted women and admitted to it on video.

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