Jennifer Rubin and The Washington Post advocate disregarding the CDC.

Jennifer Rubin and Washington post advocate disregarding the CDC. In her opinion piece she states that the CDC didn’t give an order but merely a recommendation not to have gatherings over 10 people. So why would hundreds of people gathering matter right?

Fortunately for the state of Ohio the very reasonable and intelligent move by the governor to postpone the primaries was taken just before the election.

Jennifer Rubin and the Washington Post will be responsible for countless deaths across America because of this INSANE and RECKLESS advice.

Why would somebody suggest such a dangerous thing as disregarding the CDC?

Because it helps her candidate and if a few hundred people die, well that is just the cost of spewing her vile and completely incoherent bullshit.

Jennifer Rubin and the Washington Post (based in one of the epicenters) have engaged completely scientifically illiterate banter because they are incapable of displaying a single thought that doesn’t revolve around what they want.

They are not American.

They are criminal.

They will not be forgiven!


We will force your day in court for intentionally advocating the disregard of CDC regulation meant to protect human lives from a deadly pandemic. You should be ashamed but you are too selfish to be ashamed.

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