Tucker Carlson: “Bloomberg the single most cynical political campaign in US history”

Tucker Carlson Bashes Bloomberg’s purchase of 2020 election

Tucker describes billionaire Bloomberg

Fox New’s Tucker Carlson describes the single most cynical campaign in modern history. Tucker describes how Bloomberg doesn’t even have a policy other than to buy the air waves. As a liberal commentator I’m afraid I must agree with Tucker Carlson.

Bloomberg has dumped over $200,000,000 in advertisement spending in a single week. TV and News networks are afraid to speak out because of the hundreds of millions of dollars they are receiving in advertisement dollars.

Bloomberg has no intention of winning the nomination but only to cause division and make it more difficult for other viable candidates to receive air time. Bloomberg has essentially bought the state of Florida.

Nancy Pelosi has showed unlimited support for Bloomberg and went as far as to change the democratic rules mid stream to allow Bloomberg on stage at the democratic debates. All of this to stop the inevitable rise and successful campaign of Senator Bernard (Bernie) Sanders.

Bloomberg has come under criticism in recent days for his racist stop and frisk policy which involving him ordering the police to disregard the constitution and physically assault people of color for no reason other than they are living in a poor community.

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