Chris Mathews: I will be “executed in Central Park”

Chris Mathews crying about Bernie Bros and Russia

In a recent panel interview, Chris Mathews implied that Bernie Sanders would have him “executed in central park”. Also, that Bernie supporters would be “cheering it on.”

Professional Victim

Chris Mathews plays a professional victim on TV. He seems to have been able to convince himself that he was really at risk of execution. The idea of people obsessed with providing healthcare to homeless and poor people killing Chris Mathews is laughable. As Chris describes this post apocalyptic world in which Bernie Sanders is president he nearly begins to cry.

He knows this is all a lie and he is just marketing a perspective with fear tactics like Trump. He also claims ignorance of Bernie’s policies. While not every American knows Bernie’s policies Chris is paid to know politician’s policies.

Chris Mathews is afraid of accountability. He and his friends have screwed three generations of Americans out of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. His mansions are more important than him having to pay a marginally higher tax rate. Chris Mathews could personally house over 100 homeless veterans but he doesn’t give a shit about those people. Its more important that he has multiple homes across the Unite States sitting empty.

Media Elites are Cry Babies

Listening to a multi-millionaire cry about soviet Russia is as good as it gets. The USSR fell over thirty year ago by the way. In order for Chris to ignore the suffering he has to invent imaginary enemies. Which is why Chris has to be the victim, even while others are actually dying.

You aren’t a victim Chris, just pathetic and selfish. Fantasies of being executed in Central Park are truly sad. Prepare to see more fear mongering on the left as Bernie Wins Super Tuesday.

For more wild behavior by people named Chris check out Chris Cillizza. CNN and MSNBC are showing their true colors by hating Bernie Sanders more than Trump.

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