Survey USA: Sanders Leading with African American’s

Biden realizes he is losing the African-American Support

A new poll by Survey USA shows Bernie Sanders in the first place position among black primary voters.

Recent comments from the black community suggest they don’t appreciate Biden calling them his “Firewall”. One black voter said “We can think for ourselves, we don’t need to be told how to vote”.

Indignant Joe

The self-entitled campaign of Joe Biden has constantly dismissed voters with rude comments. Such as: “You should vote for somebody else” and “you are a dog-faced pony-soldier”. The later comment was made toward a young women with short hair. Biden’s attack seems to have been a pejorative on her looks and possibly an insult to the LGBTQ+ community. This is why Bernie Sanders is Leading with African American’s. The woman who was insulted by Biden later said she felt embarrassed by the comment.

Attack on the voters like this lead by Joe Biden himself have hurt Joe Biden with African-American’s. As a marginalized people already, the black community often sees thinly veiled attacks on minorities for what they are, hateful.

Joe Biden believes he deserves the African American vote, he deserves the youth vote and deserves the LGBTQ+ vote and he isn’t afraid to tell those voters to “fuck off” if he doesn’t get what he thinks is his. Its no surprise that with the Hillary technique of demanding the support of African-Americans that his numbers have dropped and Sanders is Leading with African American’s

Fear Mongering Biden

Joe Biden repeatedly criticized Barrack Obama for being too far left. Hence, Joe Biden has more in common with Donald Trump than he does Barrack Obama. Joe Biden specializes in terrorizing African-American communities into voting for him with fear-mongering campaigns like that of democratic ally Chris Mathews.

The fact Barrack Obama won’t endorse him is telling in itself.

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