Klobuchar admits she doesn’t even know the names of foreign leaders on this continent.

Klobuchar doesn’t know foreign leaders by name

Amy Klobachar is embarrassed as she fails to identify the Mexican president’s name. In an cringe worthy response she stated that she “voted for the trade bill.” The trade bill she is referring to is the deeply unpopular USMCA replacement of NAFTA.

Amy now faces mounting criticism of her racist prosecution of a black child that remains in prison today. The prosecutorial victim was convicted by Klobachar with no DNA evidence, no finger prints, to eye witnesses, and she failed to investigate the boys alibi and interview the witnesses that the victim claims he was with during the alleged incident.

Amy admits her prosecution was racist and wrong but refuses to do anything to correct the situation claiming that “It’s a racist system.” If more top prosecutors would stop being racist the system would be racist.

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