Shahid Buttar is the most important candidate of the 2020 election!

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For five generations the baby boomers have clung to power, taking potshots at the American workers in the name of expanding their 401ks. Now nearly sixty years after the civil rights movement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Bernie Sanders is fighting to provide the social and economic justice long over due to the poor of this nation.

So, what about Shahid Buttar?

One of the primary reasons for the regression of civil rights in America since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 is that the Democratic establishment has played the game of constantly capitulating to the Republican party. The Republicans fearing loss of brand identity have moved further and further to the right until we now have Trump and his supporters shouting “The Jew’s will not replace us” in the streets. Nancy Pelosi has fought medicare for all and taxation for the rich. Under her watch of the governments purse, she weaponized space by forming the Trump Space Force. She is ideologically closer to Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders or any other progressive for that matter.

Shahid Buttar is poised to beat Nancy Pelosi for the congressional CA-12 senate seat. Ousting Nancy Pelosi is even more consequential to the democratic socialist movement than electing Bernie Sanders. Even if Bernie were to loss the nomination or the general election, Shahid Buttar would put a complete and immediate halt to all of the insane, cruel and painful policies of the Trump administration being enabled by Nancy Pelosi.

Who is Shahid Buttar then?

Since graduating from Stanford Law
School in 2003, Shahid has worked in both San Francisco and Washington as a legal advocate, a non-profit leader, a grassroots organizer, and a poet & musician. His wide-ranging work reflects a commitment to intersectional feminism, democratic socialism, and international human rights. His passions have long aligned around a common purpose: building the movement to place human rights and human needs like peace and climate justice before corporate profits.

An early advocate for marriage equality for same-sex couples and a prolific organizer in the movement to end warrantless government surveillance, Shahid most recently built a national grassroots network for the Electronic Frontier Foundation as the organization’s Director of Grassroots Advocacy.

In addition to LGBTQ rights, privacy, and the right to encryption, Shahid’s work has also advanced immigrant rights, campaign finance reform, government transparency, international human rights, and police accountability. His writing has explored issues from the right-wing attack on reproductive freedom to the erosion of voting rights, and from effective counter-terrorism strategies to examples of counter-cultural activism promoting progressive politics at the intersection of art and organizing.

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